Wednesday, August 28, 2013

EFY Photos Part 1

I had the opportunity to be a company counselor at EFY Japan in Nagoya a few weeks back. It was a great experience for the youth, as well as myself. I selected some of my favorite photos to share here. I took most of them, but a few are from others.


The English speaking counselors after our morning staff meeting

My company, #23, working on their cheer

Yoyo with our banner, after he finished defacing/enhancing it with his name. 

Another company's banner I really liked

Morning Devotional with our company

Morning gospel study

"The 5 Guys" from our company performing at the variety show

Whatever the Samuel Game is, I don't want to play it, and I certainly don't want to be the dude in the middle.

Me and my co-counselors of Company 23

Some of our kids hanging out

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