Wednesday, June 27, 2012

South Korean Meals

I photographed some of my meals while in South Korea last week. They bring out a lot of little side dishes with each meal. I felt bad for whoever had to wash the dishes.

I ate this vegetarian meal at the Baemikumi Sculpture Park Cafe. The pickled cucumbers at the top were my favorite dish.

I was still discovering stray fish eggs in my mouth an hour after the meal. Like fishy Pop Rocks. 

This Beef Curry Soondubu was really good. They bring it out bubbling hot. 

That room temperature fried fish was surprisingly good; bones and all.

My final meal was at the Seoul Airport. I gave their fast food chain Lotteria a try. Nothing special. 

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Deanna said...

I used to go to the most disgusting 24/7 korean bbq place in DC with the guy I worked with. Oh jeez...some of the stuff he had me eat.