Monday, January 03, 2011

New Year's Day in Antigua

Explored Antigua on New Year's Day.

Inside the Parqueo del Santuario

Father Tuck

This cross appears to have some conflicting symbols. Either that, or I missed the chapter in the Bible where Jesus plays a mean game of dice.

Martha, June, and Steve taking in some sun

Is this Full Service or Self Service?

Chicken Buses

I sampled various street foods in the plaza for dinner


cort said...

Man I loved that place! Great architecture, great food, the people are awesome....I kind of want to live there.

Amy said...

The last taco picture looks the best. I saw nuns for my first time in St. Johns, of all places, as well as a priest all decked out in his fancy robes for our "San Juan Days Parade". The Catholics settled Saint Johns first, (originally San Juan) then came us mormons. This long explanation is to go with your "Father Tuck" :)
Get home safe!!

Jake and Jenny said...

Love the dice too! That is funny! The food looks too good!

Kelsey K. Hartley said...

These food pics are makin' me hungry.