Saturday, October 30, 2010

Las Vegas Ragnar Relay 2010

Finally getting around to publishing my Vegas Ragnar Relay photos. No race report here--My journal list already received it--plus others on my team have posted some on their blogs.

Van 1: Blaine, Aaron, Cami, Raylene, Annie, and Me.

And we're off! Aaron starts our first leg.

Annie demonstrating proper safety protocol. Crossing the street without a flag was a no-no.

Hydration was critical. Aaron filling up on his first leg.

Our van (Aaron & Blaine)

Other, less appropriate vans

Annie with Lake Mead in the background. Raylene giving liquid & moral support.

Raylene with her signature bandanna.

Blaine leaving The Valley of Fire behind him.

Me on my first leg (#6) with Aaron in tow providing GU & water

Nobody took pictures during our second leg in the middle of the night, so here are some from leg 3.

Raylene showing excellent form and stretching technique.

Cami passing off to me for our van's final leg of the race.


Me & the cactus

And with a blistering welt to my brother's wrist, our van was finished. I can't tell you how happy these next two photos make me. My dad and I have been the only two runners in our family for some time. Then a few years back, a couple of my sisters and in-laws took up the call. My brother Dave is the newest recruit, and I couldn't be happier. We don't have a ton of things in common, so it's nice to have a newfound shared interest in running. I hope it lasts for decades.

Look at him go!

Sorry Dave, we took a team photo while you suffered through your 10 mile leg.

Running as a team to the finish line at the Red Rock Resort in Vegas. This is what pure joy looks like.

Jule, Blaine, Dave

Blaine, Annie, & Dave

The Finish Line

A final team photo

The sweet medal

We ended up 112th out of 257 overall, and 98th out of 220 in the Coed Division. Not too shabby.

The 2 vans finally got a chance to mix n mingle afterward.

Raylene & Annie with Albert, our flamboyant waiter at Denny's later that night.


Van Cott Family said...

Great post, I may have to take a pic or two of yours, but I do have to set the record straight, I was running before I married into the family! So I get to take the credit for Dave running now :)


Kelsey K. Hartley said...

How did it compare to the Wasatch Back? Like it more or less?

Supercords said...

Wasatch wins hands down. Nothing beats our scenery and challenging course. I'd love to run the Northwest Passage though. I bet that one is gorgeous.

Annie said...

What a fun weekend! I miss Albert.

Amy said...

Hey Shane!
Always love reading your running posts. Jenny is pretty new too, she is doing the turkey trot this year.

Jake and Jenny said...

Love the pictures! I am nervous but real excited about running it in February. Way to go!