Sunday, September 12, 2010

Landscaping 1.0

Some of you have been asking for these pictures--others will find this the most boring post in the world. For those who are interested, I've added about 30 pictures of yard. I started in one corner and worked my way back around. It's nothing special now, but I imagine it will look pretty cool in a few years time.

Starting from the border between my one adjacent neighbor.

Yeah, so the lawn is coming in nicely.

We've got Phase 2 happening there on the right. The road used to end just past my house.

Another angle

Front bed. I added some solar lights. I just barely laid down the concrete steps. I'd like to try and fill in the gaps with various ground covers.

Like this one.

The lighting isn't ideal for this photo shoot.

East side planter beds. The walkway will continue to the back.

The other border of my property bumps up against a landscaped corner. Part of the reason I chose this lot is because I only wanted to have one other house next to mine. These decorative grasses will get much taller.

My Catalpa tree suffered a lot of trauma in the move. I trimmed back all the dying leaves and it is slowly recovering.

That little guy on the right is a lilac bush. One day it will be fragrant and awesome.

I'll be adding a border, weed barrier, and bark to this area.

My new mums.

A navel orange and raspberries. I haven't decided what I'm going to do for ground cover on this side yet.

My apple tree with 6 different varieties grafted on. I have one solitary apple to look forward to this fall, at least until some punk kids snatch it. GET OFF MY LAWN!!!

Back towards the front.

My little clementine on the right, followed by a peach.

Another glance to the front. Bored yet?

An evergreen on the right and my Japanese maple in the corner.

My ugly backyard.

The bamboo in the back hasn't taken off like gangbusters like I thought it would.

Another shot of the back.

This is a dwarf lace leaf maple I think.

One of my next projects is to seal my deck before the winter snow gives it another beating.

That whole area will be beautiful Japanese garden one day.

My composter. One huge Rubbermaid trash can poked full of air holes with a door cut at the bottom. I've barricaded it with rocks to stop it from blowing away in the wind. At least until I have enough material inside to weight it down.

Backyard: west side. This is where I plan to have my garden--in raised planter boxes.

It always seems like a tiny backyard until I start to clear weeds or try to level the ground with a shovel... then it's huge.

My neighbor wanted more room on the other side of his lot, and I wanted more on the opposite side, which resulted in our houses being rather close together. I plan to let strawberries go crazy on this side, with a path down the middle.

When it rained hard, water was flooding into my neighbors yard. I built up the dirt along the fence and dug a trench. Eventually this will be a larger stream bed and collection pond lined with rocks. I'll plant flowers on the sides.

The useless space where I hope to grow strawberries. My side of this fence cost me like $1200.

At least this area hides my DirecTV dish well.

I'll do another update next Spring.


Angie said...

Looks like quite a project!! Good work.

J Walker said...

Photos! I can't wait to see it as it matures.

You can grow citrus in Utah? I have heard of growing it in pots and moving them inside for the winter, but didn't realize they could survive the freezing temps.

Cali said...

Awesome post...not boring to me!

Annie said...

By far the LEAST boring post ever. The stepping stone pic was my favorite, and I can't help but wonder if you were out there with a tape measure spacing them perfectly. Or did you just eyeball it? Either way your yard looks splendid!

Supercords said...

Wow, thanks for the comments. Jon, they told me at Home Depot that all the trees they sell are acclimated to the climate. Hope they weren't lying.

I still think this post is boring, redundant, and mostly shots of dirt, but I'm glad you guys don't think so :)

Annie, I eye balled the stepping stones, but I have OCD infused eye balls. And don't think I didn't notice that second to last step placed a bit too far to the left. I'll be fixing that tomorrow.

ashleyboice said...

I am just so happy that you decided to put in grass that all the other stuff is just bonus. It looks so good.

cort said...

Quite the green thumb my friend. It looks a lot better than I had envisioned it in my head. I think it looks pretty snazzy if I do soy so myself. Great job

Amy said...

Wow, a popular post Shane! Your Yard looks Great!!

Angie said...

phew, glad you saw that stone was out of was bugging me. yeah, you better fix that.


Custer Family said...

Yes please fix that stone please before I come over. It would bother me as well. I have the same problem! I get in trouble when the husband puts up my Christmas lights and I tell him they aren't straight. People just don;t understand.

Sarah said...

Impressive! Hey, where in the hell have you been? We have missed seeing you!

Kelsey K. Hartley said...

I was waiting for the Japanese maples to show up and not disappointed. I had no idea that 6 different variety of apples could grow on 1 tree. Shaping up to be a great yard!

duke of earl said...

I liked this post as well. I laughed a little when you mentioned that the ornamental grass will get taller cause ours is over 6 ft tall. Of course, we have no skills/patience for the whole work side of gardening.