Thursday, March 18, 2010

Madness 2010 - Thursday

Thursday in Vegas was pretty good. My bracket suffered some serious damage, but at least BYU made it out of the first round. We are set up at the Wynn this year. Life is good.

The BYU game went into double overtime.

Everyone was on edge until the win was official.



Heading to the food court for lunch

***Funny picture removed per spousal request***


ashleyboice said...

i think I might kill someone if that picture remains online. Seriously take it down. Cortney...the person I kill just might be you.

Deanna said...

B-Y- woot! woot!

Angie said...

Man, I'm sooooooo curious about that picture...dang it

Amy said...

Glad you're having a Great Time.

Nichols Family said...

Sounds like quite a weekend. Nice!

Yes, I agree with all of your AI comments. I like Didi, Siobhan, Crystal and Lee. Overall though...the first 2 are my favorite. Siobhan's last performance was incredible and I love how quirky she is but sometimes I think her personalitly might be a little too immature. We'll see...I forget she is pretty young.

Okay and about your storm run...Stop it! You're scaring me! I agree with your sister...good thing your mom doesn't read your blog! Stay safe dude.

Tricia said...

looks like a great time!