Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hale Freezes Over 10K

I competed in the Hale Freezes Over 10K this morning down in Orem, benefiting the Hale Center Foundation. They did a fantastic job putting on the race. Helpful volunteers, well marked course, quality technical t-shirts, organized registration, punctual, good post-race food (including pizza!), great prizes and awards, and a fun MC. These things aren't easy to put on, so to get all these things right is a real feat.

They had two races--a 5K and 10K--about 50 ran the 10K. In addition to the great prizes, the winners received some nice awards, including season passes to the Hale Theater. As it was, every person who registered received a pair of tickets to the upcoming production of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.

The course follows surface streets, dropping down to Geneva Road, which means it climbs up a couple steep hills on the way back. Here's how my split times looked:

Mile 1 6:31
Mile 2 6:43
Mile 3 7:19
Mile 4 7:48
Mile 5 8:00
Mile 6 7:39
.11 M 6:45

Finished in 44:43, a 7:19 min pace. I'm pretty sure that's the same time I ran my last 10K in, the Mesa Turkey Trot. This was a tough race. I was certainly winded on the uphill portions. I barely had a kick at the end. The final results are here. I came in 11th overall, 8th out of the men, and 3rd in my age group, 16 seconds behind the 2nd place guy. Blaine, from my running group, was right behind me in 4th.

If I'm still around, I'll definitely be running their Highway To Hale race in October.


Deanna said...

I wanted to run that one. dang Wisconsin.

Blaine said...

No. You would have placed in 10th and I in 11th, but since the mix-up wouldn't that make you 9th and me 10th? It's good to have a solid race for 2010 under my belt.

Sarah said...

Way to go Shane! No way in hell would I be out there running in this weather! lol