Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hobble Creek Half Marathon 2009

This was my third go at the Hobble Creek 1/2 Marathon. It's a great race that's capped to keep it from getting too big. I found this starting line picture online that someone took. It's a fantastic shot for several reasons. (Make sure and click on the photo to enlarge it)

1. There's nothing like a mass group start, where it looks like dozens of people will be trampled, but no one usually is. Whoever took this was at the right height to really show the scale of the crowd.

2. I love how many of the people in back are just chillin', oblivious to the starting gun. There's that one girl on the left, shivering in her sweat shirt. Meanwhile, everyone on the front line is sporting short shorts and a race T with one a finger on their Garmin watch. It's all business up there. The red headed kid, Mike Vick, wearing race bib #1, was last year's winner. He won again this year in 1:08:45. That's a 5:15 mile pace.

3. And then there's me, far left, posing as an elite runner. I hate getting trapped in the crowd, so I start out fast and then settle into a consistent pace.

4. See that anorexic looking chick with her hair in a bun to the right? She's 30 years old and blazed through this course in 1:12:13.

5. But the real question is, how did my brother-in-law Jake sneak into this race without me knowing? (middle, 2nd row back in the white hat)

Proof(s) I was there

And the T-shirt too

I finished in 1:31:51, my best time. I came in 97th overall, the 65th male, and 11th in my age group. My average mile time was 7:01.


HHM said...

LOL, yep, I see you in the group shot, someone thinking they are a hot shot :)

maria said...

I love the group shot. You are a pro! That is my canyon--you should have told us you were running, we would have come and cheered you on.

Next year...

Amy said...

That is a great picture, and you fit right in. The lady in the sweatshirt, is that the lady behind you in yellow? She's got a fuel belt all decked out and no one else does. Maybe I won't need to carry extra water. I sure won't be sportin' the short shorts some of those ladies are wearing : )

Anonymous said...

For those of us who aren't runners, can you explain why everyone has one finger on their Garmin watch? Just to pace themselves? And why a Garmin watch? Does it have a built-in GPS system? What does that do for you?

Supercords said...

If you post as anonymous, you should at least sign your comment with your name.

They have their finger on their Garmin in order to start the timer once the race starts. The Garmin has built in GPS, so it tracks pace and distance information that can be reviewed after or during the race.

There are other models, but Garmin is to running watches as Kleenex is to tissue.

Van Cott Family said...

So dumb question- is that really Jake or some dude that looks like him? I guess I could ask Jen.

Supercords said...

It's a look-a-like.

Jake said...

It doesn't look anything like me. I am totally offended. You guys should know me well enough to know I don't run in glasses :-)


Leslie said...

So here's a total random stranger comment. I assure you I am not old, fat, or balding however :) I randomly came upon your blog doing a google search for a different half marathon. Anyway, I was actually the photographer that took that group shot. Kind of ironic eh? I was standing in the back of the clothing drop trailer recovering from a broken foot earlier that summer or I would've been running it for the 4th time. Nice time! Glad you enjoyed the race!

Supercords said...

I love random stranger comments, especially from fellow runners. Your photo is still one of my favorite race shots to this day. Sorry about your broken foot... but at least that starting line shot came out of it.