Saturday, April 04, 2009

Vegas Wrap-up

I'm constantly playing catch-up with my blog. These are the rest of my photos from our March Madness Vegas trip. This pretty sums up what it's all about: Friends, Basketball, Meat, and Potatoes.

Meat & potatoes at the Terrace Cafe

Laptop Station in the suite: Darren & Cort

Basketball down in the party room

Dinner at the Country Club Steakhouse (considered by many to be the best at the Encore)

Waiting for our table: Joey & Dave

Glorious fries

And a magnificent rib eye chop


Jake and Jenny said...

Those fries do look good! I am all about the food right now!

Captain Emus said...

I've had that rib chop about a half dozen times now. I've never had a more delicious steak, anywhere.