Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Best Buddies y Cinco de Mustache 2008

I'm interrupting my Coachella pictorial to report on two special days that will become old news if I wait any longer.

The first was our company's Best Buddies Day. This was my third year participating, and perhaps the best one yet.

The school bus pulled up and we were paired with our buddies.

Kelsey & her buddy

Callie with her new friend

The SLC Real lion came by for a visit on his chopper.

Things got a little awkward when he hoisted up our company president.

Kristin (my running partner) with her buddy, Leo, and Kent

And sure, why not. One of me with my buddy etc. (beard in full effect)

And finally, rounding out the City Meeting Events team: Stephanie & Erin

A building tour, games, pizza party, and 3D movie rounded out the day.

Monday was Cinco de Mayo, or Cinco de Mustache, as it's known in the marketing department. Tradition states that all able haired men must grow out their beards through April, culminating in some form of grotesque mustache come May 5th. Here are the results:

Group photo at the Mexican restaurant after lunch

In the afternoon, someone recruited our staff photographer to take some more shots out back. You really need to click on these to appreciate the stunning pixel quality.

Goodbye facial hair. I'll see you next year.


Captain Emus said...

You look like some freakish background extra who gets wasted by gunfire in "No Country For Old Men".

Rachel John said...

That is one scary looking lion. Love the cinco de mustache pics but I'm glad you shaved.