Sunday, April 20, 2008

Coachella 2008

On Thursday I will be flying out to California to attend the 2008 Coachella Music Festival with my friend Rachel and her cousin. Last year was my first time. I went with my friend Jon who has twins on the way, so was unable to go this time. After he and Joey turned me down, I pretty much gave up hope of being able to go this year. That's when Rachel came into the picture. Hooray!

We decided to do just the first two days. I was never a big Pink Floyd fan, so missing Roger Waters wasn't the end of the world for me. Honestly, I'm most excited to see Saturday's former headliner: Portishead. They were recently overshadowed by the announcement that Prince was being added as a last minute headliner.

I won't go into all the bands I'm excited to see now, since I'll be going into them in great depth after I see them live and post pictures. Stay tuned.


J Walker said...

Let me be the first to say how jealous I am! I hope you have an incredible time and pick up a water bottle or two for me.

I have to say I am glad I declined...I would have been beside myself wondering if Teasha was going into labor and missing the birth of our twins. It literally could be any day now.

Have fun!!!!

Nichols Family said...

I'm jealous as well. I'll be waiting to see some pictures...and just being in CA would be exciting enough!

Nichols Family said...

Ha! I looked more closely at the band line-up. What? Dwight Yoakam will be there? He's a country star...what's he doing there?

fanmingrui said...

They try and pull bands from every genre. I think Willie Nelson was there last year.

Karen said...

Hey Shaners, Lucky you...Cali and a cool concert. Oh yea and didn't you know my baby is half alien??