Sunday, May 20, 2007

Coachella Tattoos

This is my final Coachella Blog post. During the three days of music and sun, I got to snapping photos of tattoos. One would be hard pressed to find a higher concentration of tattoos in one place than at a music festival. This is a small sampling:

I know a full arm tattoo is called a sleeve, but I'm not sure what the term is for a full leg.

Someone should have warned this guy about the ever-changing ways of technology... maybe then he'd have an iPod tattoo instead of a boom box.

I like the Lenny Kravitz looking dude in the background. He has that look of "Nice..... wet t-shirt contest"

I think it's Latin.

Artful shapes.

The white out nail polish is a nice touch.

Nature + Music = Coachella

Accidentally captured a little side boob with this tattoo.

Rage Against The Machine fan.

Neck faerie.


SWF 26 Virgo
Loves music, drinking beer, monkeys, and smokin' weed.
Looking for same. Please, no smarties.
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I think this is the tree from Lord of the Rings.

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