Thursday, December 21, 2006

Tokyo, Japan

Here are a few excerpts from my journal:

"Made my way to the International terminal after landing, going through security for a second time. Politely volunteered at the gate to be seated in an exit row, whereupon my boarding pass was ripped in half, replaced by a fresh, roomy new one. If there's one insider's tip I can't emphasize enough, it’s having the foresight to request an exit row seat at the gate, regardless of your previously assigned seat. Most of the time these seats aren't assigned until right before the flight leaves, or on the actual plane.

Devoured the lunch they served, my first meal all day, at about 2:30 Utah time. They came later and apologized profusely for forgetting to deliver me the kosher meal. I told them it wasn’t a problem, but they promised not to forget at dinner time. That's another insider tip when buying tickets online—order the Kosher meal. It's always better than whatever else they are serving and usually served before the other meals. Besides, I'm Jewish on my mother's side, so I don't feel too bad."
Bathrooms are futuristic wonderlands in Japan, or at least the one at the airport was.

Luckily, I didn't have to go No. 2, or I may have accidentally given myself an enema.

On the long bus ride to Derek's house, I secretly snapped a photo of these shoes. How can these Wizard of Oz meets Pimp Daddy monstrosities be in style anywhere in the world?

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