Sunday, February 12, 2006


I was in Vancouver for 4 nights last weekend on another business trip. I've been so busy since I got back that I haven't had a chance to blog about it--until now.

We stayed at The Hyatt downtown, which had The Teachings Of Buddha in addition to the Bible. Lot's of Asians in Vancouver.

We arrived late on Thursday night, and I was in the mood for Japanese food. My roommate Chris and I wandered the streets of Vancouver until we came across a great little noodle house. The sushi and BBQ'd salmon were fantastic.

Friday morning and group of 4 of us went out to explore. If you're ever walking through Stanley Park, you may come across this:

which we named The Penis Tree. Yeah, the group was all guys.

We covered 7-8 miles that morning, including a walk along the harbor.

These looked more like house condos rather than the traditional house boats. I like the yellow one.

I wonder how often this gas station gets held up, with the crooks escaping by speed boat.

Later that night, we found these live conchs for sale at an international market near China Town.

Ten of us went to dinner at an Indian place our last night. The food and conversation were really good.

Our lovely waitress:

And the food:

I realize this last one looks like various flavors of baby poop on a plate, but it was completely delicious.

The only trip I have on the horizon is March Madness in Vegas. That's a month away, so I will try and post a few times before then.


Derek said...

Thanks a lot, now I had to cross off "have a sausagefest in Stanley Park" from my list of things to eventually do.

Amy said...

Remind me never to read your blog when I'm hungry or sick... I'm sick right now and that baby poop comment just about took me over the edge.

Supercords said...

Yet it was so appropriate.